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With a creative and professional approach to historic preservation, Firefly Preservation Consulting, LLC, brings communities’ history, buildings, and landscapes to life. From high-style homes to rustic agricultural landscapes, Firefly helps individuals, community organizations, local and state governments, museums, and historic sites identify and preserve their historic resources to foster camaraderie around a shared sense of place. We use primary source research, stakeholder input, oral history interviews, and expert assessment and analysis to provide a range of services. Click the links below to learn about our services and recent projects, or click here to learn more about Firefly Preservation Consulting.

historical research

Historical research includes deeds, geneaology, maps, land use, oral history, and other information that tells the story of a particular property. This information is often needed for local plaques or markers, but also owner interest.

Local surveys document historic buildings, structures, cemeteries, and other elements of the built environment and are commonly used for preservation planning.

The National Register of Historic Places is a prestigious designation, indentifying the buildings, structures, objects, and sites most worthy of long-term preservation.

The rehabilitation of historic structures is rewarded with substantial tax credits by the federal govenment, as well as many individual states, including North Carolina.

Firefly can assist with preservation education intitiatives ranging from interpretive signage and brochures to preservation training events and classes.

Many local governments manage landmark programs that identify historic places with local significance and offer protections to ensure long-term preservation.

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